New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant September 2021 Update

The “New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant” (“Zone Grant”) is a unique grant structure that provides an opportunity for collaborations and organizations to apply for flexible funding from multiple local and national foundations to develop, prove, and support innovative responses to New Mexico’s challenges. In the past, the Zone Grant has included a one-year planning grant followed by the potential for two years of implementation funding. Zone Grants support alignment, collaboration, and integration in the New Mexico nonprofit sector by providing funding and technical support to partnerships and organizations seeking to deepen their work and collaborations.

The Zone Grant supports work within self-identified “Zones of Alignment” among organizations seeking to support and build prosperity and resiliency in New Mexico communities. A “Zone” can be thought of as a distinct area of alignment among the collaborating organizations. It can be a geographic (e.g., the South Valley in Bernalillo County or rural southeast New Mexico), programmatic, and/or policy (e.g., early childhood education or family economic security) zone.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, participating funders have decided to focus the 2021 – 2023 Zone Grant on supporting recovery efforts in New Mexico’s tribal communities. In partnership with the New Mexico Foundation, the “Native American Recovery Fund Zone Grant” will launch in early September, 2021, seeking unique approaches by Native-led organizations in addressing recovery efforts in the areas of Family Economic Security, Health Systems, Local Food, Opportunity Youth and Water Resilience.

For more information about the Native American Recovery Fund zone grant, please visit the New Mexico Foundation here: