During our annual application cycle, we accept funding requests online from qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, federally-recognized Native American tribes, public schools, and governmental agencies.

Our three grant categories support the primary elements from our Theory of Change:  Cultivate ⇒ Alignment; Focus ⇒ Collaboration; and Lead ⇒ Integration.

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How the McCune Foundation's Application Process for 2021 Funding Changed

The Covid-19 crisis has required all of us to adapt in ways we may never have imagined. Even now conditions continue to evolve as we experience a range of impacts on the people, strategies, structures and other resources that make our work possible in New Mexico communities.

Earlier this year - as Covid-related needs statewide became clearer and proposals for response emerged - the McCune Foundation committed immediately available funding to support the many requests received from New Mexico non-profits. Included among these were community foundations serving different regions of the state.

These funding decisions, while considering immediacy and urgency, were grounded in our commitment to supporting long-term change, specifically, community-based solutions to systemic problems. The Covid-19 health crisis has been revelatory and we, like you, are still learning.

McCune is staying current with emerging best practices within the funding community - especially within the context of the Covid-19 health crisis. Streamlining processes to minimize the organizational resources (staff, time) required by those seeking funding has become even more critical - especially as grant budgets are impacted by market conditions.

Taking into account what we learned and understanding that more learning will emerge, for this year, we modified the McCune Foundation's annual application cycle that took place August 15 - September 15 (5 p.m. MT). Unlike previous application cycles that were open to requests from any eligible organization, the application cycle for 2021 funding requests was open only to grantees whose 2020 funding was approved at the Foundation's Board meeting, February 29, 2020. These awards were based on an application submitted during the 2019 open cycle. While these grantees were eligible to apply during this year's cycle, final funding decisions will be made by the Foundation's Board at its February 2021 meeting.

Through this adaptation, we hoped to contribute to the organizational stability of our current grantees and create a bridge to their future sustainability. While we expected that for our existing grantees this adaptation would come as good news, we realized that for those who are not currently funded by the Foundation this might come as a disappointment.

We ask for everyone's understanding - assuring all that this change is intended as a temporary adaptation. We anticipate that in 2021 we'll return to the Foundation's longstanding tradition of its open application cycle.

We truly look forward to supporting our grantees in navigating these challenging times!

Responding to COVID-19

The New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG) has compiled a list of resources that can be accessed at New Mexico's Philanthropic Response for COVID-19 .

There are a number of programs that non-profits can apply for under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The National Council of Non-Profits has a handy chart regarding loan options, eligibility, and application info here.  Another resource rich site for small business owners and eligible non-profits is the Small Business Administration. Guidance and resources can be found here.

McCune Charitable Foundation staff is primarily working remotely to help lessen the potential impacts of COVID-19 in our communities. We anticipate maintaining remote operations indefinitely, however we will continue to respond to conditions as they evolve. We expect to have a staff member at the Santa Fe office from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday for essential functions and to answer questions. On Fridays all staff are working remotely, but also are available by phone through the Santa Fe office number:  505.983.8300. We realize this is a challenging situation for all of us in New Mexico and will do what we can to support our families and communities.

More Information on the Foundation’s Grantmaking

More Information on the Foundation’s Grantmaking