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Zuni Youth Enrichment Project (ZYEP)

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Zuni Youth Enrichment Project’s (ZYEP) mission is to promote resilience among Zuni youth, so they will grow into strong and healthy adults who are connected with Zuni traditions.

ZYEP offers year-round programs that focus on the holistic health of Zuni youth. Their programs are rooted in the strengths of their community and culture and focus on physical activity, food sovereignty, built environment, art, connection to land, and youth development. A few of their major programs are summer camp, an after-school program, gardening and nutrition, sports leagues, trails, art apprenticeships, trips to culturally significant sites, traditional storytelling projects, community health initiatives, and much more.

Image of Zuni Youth watering garden

Courtesy of Zuni Youth Enrichment Project

ZYEP has the honor of serving the Zuni Pueblo, located in the Northwest area of New Mexico. With a reservation of 450,000 acres and a population of over 10,000 tribal members, their community is rich in culture and language that connects them to their ancestors, knowledge, and ways of being. Their programs are focused on youth, ages 4-24, but entire families are included in the effort to raise children.

Collaboration is essential in the work they do to serve Zuni youth. They partner with other organizations and community members to create a well woven, sustainable network of support for their youth. They have advisory committees made up of community members who are experts in their area and have a passion for their community’s youth so that their knowledge guides ZYEP’s work.