This image is of the landscape at Collins Lake Autism Center.

Collins Lake Ranch

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Above Image Courtesy of Collins Lake Ranch

The mission of Collins Lake Ranch is to provide supported living, education, and therapeutic services in a nature-based setting for our extended community family.

Image shows children in outdoor classroom setting.

WUFS Remote learning during COVID, Image Courtesy of Collins Lake Ranch

While our original focus was only adults and children with disabilities, we discovered over time that our facilities could serve a greater population.  During the COVID pandemic we used our campground facilities for students that were struggling with remote learning.

This really brought to light the social and behavioral needs of the local students and we saw firsthand how much it helped to get kids outdoors.  Not only did they learn academic lessons from this environment, they also improved their social well-being and developed life skills that they hadn't learned elsewhere.

Based on this experience, we expanded our vision to include individuals with disabilities AND/OR other disadvantages that limit their ability to thrive. 

This image shows a gathering around a campfire.

Campfire at Collins Lake Ranch, Image Courtesy of Collins Lake Ranch

Whether it is poverty, abusive relationships, historical biases or other situations that limit their access to needed services, we want to find a way, if possible, to help them improve their lives.  The Ranch is a magical place that provides natural healing, whether it is hiking up the mountain or taking a walk around the lake.  We are happy to share these resources with anyone that needs a boost in life and treats our precious land with dignity and respect.

Our primary objective in the coming year will be to facilitate another successful environmental education program, including both the public school and home school students in Mora County.  We also want to help with the behavioral health issues plaguing our students, particularly as they relate to the 2022 wildfires. To learn more about us, please visit our website.

Image depicts an instructor of the Indigenous Education Network teaching a class.

Indigenous Education Network - Image Courtesy of Collins Lake Ranch

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