Zone Grants

The NM Collaborative Zone Grant is a grant structure being developed by the McCune Charitable Foundation, in partnership with other funders.  These grants are designed to support collaborative projects with planning, technical support and implementation funding. NM Collaborative Zone Grants can be applied for by groups of organizations and are offered outside of the usual McCune Foundation open application cycle.

In conjunction with the roll-out of the Inaugural NM Collaborative Zone Grant, McCune held an information session via Webinar regarding the RFP on Thursday, May 10, 2018. Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Note that the deadline for the Request for Proposals has passed for 2018 Funding. Check back in Spring 2019 for udpated information for the 2019 funding cycle. Click here if you would like to see the 2018 RFP. Click here for the 2018 Zone Grant FAQ.


The NM Collaborative Zone Grant pilot is underway, with the participating funders having identified 14 collaboratives to receive planning grants out of a pool of more than 60 applications submitted in response to the RFP issued in March, 2018.  At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in January this year, the 14 funded collaboratives launched their planning activities, connected with Zone Grant funders and learned more about one another's work.

When the Zone Grant was launched last year, funders had indicated the possibility that a new RFP might be launched in March of this year to identify a new cohort of collaboratives to receive planning grants in 2019.  However, after almost a year of engaging in this work and learning about what is required to provide meaningful support, the participating funders agreed it would make more sense to pause for a year and not issue an RFP this year.

While there is value in capitalizing on the momentum and interest that has been generated with the Zone Grant activities, we still have much learning to do with regard to what has gone well so far and what needs improvement.  In addition, with the 2019 cohort working towards implementation grants, we realized adding a new cohort of grantees at this time could potentially distract us from being able to focus on the current pilot.  Consequently, we have decided to wait until 2020 to issue the next Zone Grant RFP.

Thank you for the great work you do for New Mexico and for your ongoing efforts of these funders to find productive ways to support collaboration among organizations across the state.  We will provide additional updates and news about the development of the NM Collaborative Zone Grant in the coming months.

With best regards,

The New Mexico Zone Grant Funders