McCune Foundation staff
photo: Don Usner

Wendy Lewis

Executive Director

Wendy is our valiant leader; she steers the foundation’s strategic vision and also oversees McCune’s significant, program-related investment in the revitalization of downtown Albuquerque. Wendy’s extensive background in corporate and small business leadership is a great asset to the Foundation. Her life-long passions include gardening, photography and beekeeping. To top it all, she is one of the best cartoon curators we’ve ever met.

Henry Rael

Program Officer

Henry has more creative ideas than you can shake a stick at. He brings almost twenty years of entrepreneurial and business experience across a broad range of enterprises and industries to the Foundation. His responsibilities include reviewing programs, strategizing with grantees and ensuring consistent communication from the Foundation. He has two great kids, a beautiful wife and a small farm in the South Valley.

Carla Romero

Administrative Director

Carla keeps the wheels greased with her incredible abilities to administer and direct, and always brightens our day. She is responsible for overseeing all operations, grantmaking and finances at the Foundation. Carla’s extensive leadership experience helps her to masterfully manage the day-to-day at the Foundation.


Cathy Kosak

Senior Executive Assistant

This isn’t Cathy’s first run of the foundation chute. She has worked as a non-profit/executive assistant for offices specializing in everything from fine art to football. Cathy is organized and quick; her expert planning skills routinely save the day. What can’t the woman do? That’s what we’re asking.

Erin Taylor 


Erin is a woman of many talents; she has over fifteen years experience in professional accounting and is masterful at ensuring accuracy, timeliness and excellence in McCune’s financial and grant management. When she’s not busy keeping us on track, Erin deepens her knowledge of classical literature, explores vegan cooking and hikes the beautiful New Mexico outdoors.

Allison Hagerman

Associate Program Officer

Allison is a life-long resident of New Mexico and a graduate of Santa Fe High School, and has been a student of New Mexico’s cultural landscapes for as long as she can remember. Allison has a Ph.D. in philosophy and over a decade of experience working in higher education. At the Foundation, Allison reviews programs and facilitates grantee engagement. Amazingly, at the end of the day, she still finds the time and energy to join her husband in wrangling a diverse herd of cats, dogs and chickens in the South Valley. She also appreciates (and enjoys, almost always) her husband’s innovative cooking.

Ernesto Torres 
Grants Manager

Ernesto has worked extensively with international artists, individuals, and groups from diverse backgrounds and across a range of artistic media. His experience with nonprofits, economic development, education, arts and community, and rural development is aligned with the Foundation’s mission and work. Over the years, Ernesto has developed a passion for folk art and traditional cultures. He also enjoys reading mysteries that reveal local and global cultural idiosyncrasies.