Shared Inquiry Roundtable Information


The McCune Charitable Foundation has started a new approach to meeting with grantees.  Often, current grantees reach out directly to staff to share updates on their work. While staff values these updates, we also see an opportunity to share this valuable information with others we fund in order to advance the field as a whole.  We invite our current grantees to join us in this new meeting format in the spirit of shared inquiry and discovery.

At Shared Inquiry Roundtables, current grantees will share updates on critical successes, challenges, and emerging opportunities not only with us, but with their peers as well. We believe that opportunities to learn together help support increased alignment, collaboration, and integration in the sector, all toward the goal of building greater prosperity and resilience in New Mexico communities.

Depending on the number of participants, these gatherings run one-and-a-half to two hours. These meetings will be held in person in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.



How can we build on what we’ve learned so far in 2018 to meet the coming year with resilience and vitality?

We invite you to share your challenges, opportunities and wisdom.

  1. McCune staff will kick off the conversation by introducing the common question (see above) that forms the basis of the session’s shared inquiry and the relevance of the question to the Foundation’s work (up to 15 minutes).

  2. Together with Foundation staff, participants will share their ground truths and insights pertaining to the question and give examples from their work (up to 45 minutes).

  3. Next, we’ll focus on what we’ve learned from these insights and generate ideas for moving forward based on discoveries brought to light during the conversation.  As a group, we’ll work to identify upcoming opportunities to put these ideas into action (up to 45 minutes).

  4. We’ll reserve time at the end of each meeting for participants to engage in an open Q&A with each other and Foundation staff, as well as discuss any next steps that may have surfaced as a result of discoveries and opportunities brought to light (up to 15 minutes).

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