February 23, 2020

Zone Implementation Grants Support Collaborations


More than 60 collaborations across 120 organizations submitted proposals in response to the inaugural NM Collaborative Zone Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) in 2018. From those proposals, 14 collaboratives were selected to receive planning grants for a year-long process of deepening their partnerships and developing a proposal for implementation funding. In late 2019, participating funders reviewed the report/proposals that came out of that planning process and selected 8 to receive implementation funds. Early this year, the following collaboratives were awarded implementation grants in varying amounts ranging from $75,000 to $135,000 per year for two years:

  • Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition/Homewise (Santa Fe Housing)

  • Chainbreaker Collective (Santa Fe Housing)

  • New Mexico Immigrant Law Center/Color Theory (Family Asset Building)

  • NM Arts & Justice Network (Direct Service Supporting Policy Change)

  • Prosperity Works (Just Energy Transition)

  • Agriculture Implementation, Research and Education (AIRE) (Institutional Procurement)

  • Cruces Creatives (Regenerative Agriculture)

  • Quivira Coalition (Regenerative Agriculture)

Although the funders were unable to make formal implementation grants to all 12 collaboratives, they were able to find other sources of funding to support next steps for many of the collaboratives that were not awarded full implementation grants.

The participating funders learned a lot about how to collaborate better with one another and continue to ask questions about how to best support collaborations among nonprofits around the state. It is anticipated that a new RFP will be released in Spring 2020 to identify our next cohort of collaborations.