July 31, 2014

McCune Foundation Unveils a New Strategic Plan!

Download the McCune Charitable Foundation Strategic Plan »

The McCune foundation has announced its new strategic plan and reorganization of funding priorities. The new plan, developed collaboratively by the board and staff at the Foundation, seeks to increase the impact of its grants in the short term and create broader change for New Mexico in the longer term.

Many of the new funding priorities described in the plan aim at developing the economy and encouraging innovative approaches to issues faced by the communities where grants are awarded. The new priorities for grant making will direct McCune's investments in New Mexico non-profits over the coming five to seven years.

The Foundation's goal with this plan is to provide the grantee community and other funders with a clearer understanding of McCune's priorities as a foundation. The Foundation believes the challenges we face in New Mexico require alignment among organizations and funders to improve the lives of New Mexicans. This new plan makes it easier for grantees and the non-profit sector to find their alignments with what the Foundation is trying to do.

The Foundation's new priorities are:

  • Capacity Building in the Non-Profit Sector
  • Economic Development & Family Asset Building
  • Education Transformation & Early Childhood Development
  • Leveraging Opportunities In Health Care
  • Local Food Industry Development
  • Building Links Between Arts and Community Engagement
  • Stewardship of Natural Resources
  • Influencing Urban Planning & Built Environments
  • Strategies for Rural Development

We will be providing informational workshops regarding the Plan and related Foundation Priorities on August 4th (Santa Fe), August 5th (Albuquerque) and August 6th (Las Cruces), as well as a webinar on September 3rd.

Online applications for 2015 funding will be accepted September 15th through October 30th.
The new plan is available for download here