Introductory Roundtable Information

The McCune Charitable Foundation has started a new approach to grantee/prospective grantee meetings.  Following this approach, the McCune staff aims to more effectively respond to meeting requests, as well as to foster new learning opportunities about the great work taking place in the non-profit sector and share ideas, discoveries and challenges.

At Introductory Roundtables, McCune staff will give a brief overview of the work of the Foundation and then invite participants to share an overview of their work with the group.  Q&A time will allow for participants to ask questions of each other as well as Foundation staff.

Depending on the number of attendees, these gatherings run one-and-a-half to two hours. These roundtables will be virtual – via Zoom – so that participants from anywhere in the state can join.

Prior to attending an Introductory Roundtable, please consult the meeting format outline in order to prepare your presentation and ensure it is responsive to the allotted time frame.

INTRODUCTORY ROUNDTABLE FORMAT OUTLINEMcCune staff will give a brief (up to 15 minute) presentation on the work of the Foundation, areas of current learning interest and updates.Each attending organization will have up to ten minutes to talk about its work, including:

1. A brief overview of organizational mission and area of interest

2. A description of which McCune priority (or priorities) align most with organization’s primary focus of work

3. A description of a key program or initiative or an update on progress of existing work

4. A description of a strong competency/asset of the organization

5. Any questions or areas of learning the organization is exploring

Following each organization’s presentation of their work, there will be a brief Q&A period (up to five minutes) before moving to the next organization’s presentation.  

Once all have had the opportunity to share their work, we open up the conversation space for general Q & A.

The McCune Charitable Foundation is pleased to offer these meetings to prospective and former grantees as well as those seeking to learn more about the Foundation’s work. If your organization has never been funded, or is not currently a recipient of McCune funding and you would like to sign up to participate in an Introductory Roundtable Conversation – via Zoom – with us this year, please click here to register to attend.