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Grantee Feature: REZILIENCE

With indigenous communities at the center, REZILIENCE generates programs and holds space to explore methods, share knowledge, build skills, learn tools, and make peer connections to help our Nations thrive into the next 1000 years.

Engaging Indigenous change-makers from tribes and communities across the state, including Santa Ana Pueblo, Santa Clara Pueblo, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Isleta Pueblo, Jemez Pueblo and the Navajo Nation, the REZILIENCE organization prizes the inherent knowledge and insight of our team, program partners, participants and supporters. Particularly in New Mexico - with peoples whose connection to place spans beyond a thousand years, the value of communityship means building outside of western ideas of solo leadership and siloed efforts. It guides us to collectively leverage our knowledge and creatively think about how to be of service to our people and this land, now and into the future.

Standing for People, Land, Arts, Culture and Ecology, our PLACE Raising program participants and supporting “Thought Partners” utilize their unique insight as Indigenous folk in the 21st century. During convenings throughout the summer, we explore ways to integrate culturally responsive and community sourced/based strategies to widen the impact of programs that serve our people. Together, we imagine and construct approaches that consider multiple disciplines, reflect our multidimensional human experience, and examine holistic views of communityship, and that rely on the traditional values, beliefs and practices of our cultures.

Focused on working with Indigenous and other communities of color, primarily in central New Mexico, PLACE Raising convenings take place each time within a different community and are hosted by a different organization. Our end goal with respect to the cohort each year is to encourage an enduring understanding of program planning skills. We accomplish this by having participants construct the event plan for the annual REZILIENCE convening that occurs each June. In its history, the REZILIENCE organization has conducted three annual arts and culture festivals. Each of these has shaped the curriculum of PLACE Raising - now becoming our model of community ownership in the design of our convenings.

As we continue to build up the PLACE Raising program, this experience has also encouraged us to imagine new initiatives - such as a train-the-trainers program and a language media project - to cultivate Indigenous communityship from multiple angles. Learning more and more about the wealth of cultural knowledge that resides within our communities, we look to champion them through these programs. As a result of finding out how hungry our communities are for more action based and culturally responsive methods being integrated into existing programs, we continue to imagine more ways to share skills, tools, energy and medicine to inspire and to help our people rise even higher!

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