Grantee Forms


  • Complete and return only the forms that the Foundation has requested you complete and return.

  • Return the completed form(s) by:  email,; fax, 505.983.7887; or mail (address below).

Forms for Download:  

Forms specific to the Grant Award Letter

General Terms & Conditions – No Fiscal Sponsor >

General Terms & Conditions – Fiscal Sponsorship >

Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement >

Forms specific to Grant Reporting (for grants awarded before 2018)

Grant Report Worksheet – No Fiscal Sponsor >

Grant Report Worksheet – Fiscal Sponsorship >

The Grant Report Worksheet is provided as a tool only for grantees that have been informed that a reporting requirement is a condition of their grant. The Worksheet helps grantees collect and prepare information prior to completing the required report, which is accomplished through an online process similar to applying. Do not return the Worksheet to the McCune Foundation – it is for your use only.

Information and Forms specific to Grant Reporting (for grants awarded 2018 and thereafter)

Reporting Requirements for McCune Foundation Grants

Worksheet for Interim Report (No Fiscal Sponsor)

Worksheet for Interim Report (Fiscal Sponsorship) 

Worksheet for Final Report (No Fiscal Sponsor)

Worksheet for Final Report (Fiscal Sponsorship)

The following "Checklist for Grantees" is provided for the purpose of determining if an Interim Report - specifically an Interim Report that will be submitted by those whose grant award was based on a 2019 Application (i.e., not on an Interim Report) - can also function as the application for the next year's funding when the annual application process opens this year:

Checklist for Grantees