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Grantee Feature: New Mexico Farmers' Marketing Association 

The New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association (NMFMA) is dedicated to strengthening the local food system by supporting agriculture producers and cultivating strong networks for a healthier New Mexico.

We envision a food system where:  farmers earn a fair price for their products; fresh, culturally-appropriate food is available and affordable for everyone; the public is deeply engaged in the local food economy; food dollars recirculate in our communities; a strong web of partnerships supports a resilient food system.
We celebrate and build upon the long-held agricultural traditions, resourcefulness, and self-reliance of New Mexicans. Our members keep us grounded in thirty-one counties and are key to program impact across the state.

The NMFMA’s broad work within the local food system connects with McCune’s Local Food Industry Development focus area in multiple ways, including market development, shared infrastructure, new farm/farmer development, nutritional health, and policy. Programs that support healthy land, people and communities are at the heart of all of the NMFMA's work. We look for tangible results that can be measured in metrics such as farmer sales, community food access, and supportive policies. In addition, our approach is always informed by partners, each of whom who has unique knowledge, skills and connections within their networks.

In the NMFMA’s continuous efforts to bridge the connections between locally-produced food and healthy communities, our Good Food and Healthy Eating Center is home to all programs related to food access, nutrition and public education. One of the most important lessons we've learned is that when an organization stays close to its mission as it develops new programs, each program can support the others in extremely valuable ways - sometimes beyond what was anticipated. For example, our farmer food safety trainings have helped bolster programs like SNAP Double Up Food Bucks in retail grocery settings. Similarly, our value chain project was developed to increase farmer opportunities for selling wholesale to grocery stores, thereby supporting  Double Up Food Bucks. This project has also proven to be instrumental in assisting with the statewide Farm to School program.
Newest among our consumer education projects is GoodFoodNM, a health communications project that delivers bilingual, healthy eating text messages to targeted populations such as SNAP and WIC participants, school parents and market shoppers.
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