The Marshall L. and Perrine D. McCune Charitable Foundation is dedicated to enriching the health, education, environment, cultural, and spiritual life of New Mexicans. The Foundation memorializes its benefactors through proactive grantmaking that seeks to foster positive social change.


The Foundation has embraced a set of values resulting from interactions with board members, its grant making experience, conversations with a wide variety of New Mexico citizens and broader national communities. Inherent Foundation values include the following:

Integrity, Respect and Fairness – The bedrock principle of the Foundation is to conduct its work with a high degree of transparency, fairness, honesty, dignity and respect.

Excellence – The Foundation emphasizes quality among non-profit organizations, their boards and staff and encourages those organizations to develop a culture of excellence. We expect the same of ourselves.

Diversity – We consider diversity among cultures within New Mexico and diversity of opinion among our colleagues a strength and important to all our discussions.

Risk-Taking and Innovation – The Foundation values the taking of risks and allows grantees the freedom to make mistakes. The Foundation also encourages innovation in ways that may not presently be defined or for which outcomes are uncertain, and encourages non-threatening discussion and sharing information about mistakes made and lessons learned.

Accountability – The Foundation believes it should communicate clearly with its grantees about its requirements and expectations. Correspondingly, it strives to maintain openness to feedback and critique from the organizations, institutions and communities it serves.

Community Relevance – Programs supported by the Foundation should at their core be targeted and developed recognizing the diverse communities that comprise New Mexico.