Grant Recipients

The Grants Collective builds grant seeking capacity of New Mexico nonprofit organizations so that they are better resourced to achieve their charitable and social missions.

The Grants Collective offers three programs: (1) Cooperative Network of nonprofit organizations: A subscription-based network of nonprofit professionals interested in developing skills, insight, and resources for high-performance grant seeking. (2) Talent Academy for grant professionals: A 6-month fellowship to develop skills for securing major grants. (3) Grow New Mexico: Technical assistance to help New Mexican communities and organizations put together grant/loan packages for infrastructure and other special projects. Grow New Mexico is an independent, fiscally sponsored project.


The Grants Collective primarily works within the Foundation's Capacity Building in the Nonprofit Sector. Impact in the key leverage points include:

  • Expertise and professional services: Through professional development seminars, trainings, and technical assistance, we increase access to expert professional services. 
  • Shared services and infrastructure: The Cooperative Network’s online platform includes resources such as templates for high-interest grant opportunities. These resources significantly make grant seeking more efficient. The platform itself also provides the infrastructure for members to communicate about grant opportunities in real-time, streamlining their efforts to find funding, connect with others, and learn and share.
  • Leadership development: The Talent Academy provides grant professionals with leadership opportunities in hosting site visits, practicing their pitch, networking with leaders and their peers, and pursuing collaborative opportunities.

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