Grant Recipients

The mission of the Academy for the Love of Learning is to awaken, enliven, nurture and sustain the natural love of learning in people of all ages. We seek to encourage and cultivate the powers of critical thought, imagination, curiosity, innate sense of purpose, wonder and inspiration, and an ongoing awakening of the heart.

To achieve our mission, the Academy exists as a non-profit educational organization developing and disseminating a transformative curriculum and methodology – our learning field inquiry approach to learning – through an integrated set of programs, organizational practices and research.

In 2015 the Academy established a Creative Facilitation Cohort to explore the question: How can we develop a framework for creative facilitation and social change practice that strengthens the field statewide? For the past two years the Academy has been building capacity for creative facilitation by inviting New Mexico artists, educators and cultural workers to explore this question through small group gatherings, creative facilitation experiences and sharing of best practices--practices that can be brought back to communities across the state. This cohort is engaging story and its transformative powers, to cultivate connection and belonging, strengthen capacity and renew our guiding narratives in this time of radical transition and cultural shifts. In participatory transformative learning settings, the group explores, practices and develops forms for unearthing the stories we live by—remembering stories conducive to life and letting go of those stories that are not, while learning to create collaborative narratives that are consonant with health and wellbeing for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

“The Academy works at the intersection of arts experience, transformative learning and contemplative practice, which, when combined through our depth facilitation practices can lead to powerful action and change. At the core of our work is the intent to restore learning to its proper place — as a living Practice, that, with intention, can wake us up to who we are; who we are as community; and who we are as part of the systems that shape our lives. Our beautiful, peaceful campus and facility support deeply our work. We invite you to one of our programs or simply to come for a visit to see the Academy in action as together we reimagine learning.” Aaron Stern- Founder, Academy for the Love of Learning

“To bring so many practitioners together on an ongoing basis across one season is rare. It has prompted me to think through different ways that I can approach my own work.” Mi’Jan Celie Tho-Biaz

“I would say this is the safest place I have felt I have been for along time. There was a kind of excitement to be here, walking into this room there is almost a giddiness because it feels that there is a potential for hope in this space.” Daniel Banks

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