Grant Recipients

Grantee Focus: Fuego Art Space

Fuego Art Space

The mission of Fuego Artspace is to advance the character of individuals and connect them to their potential through vocational training, mentorship, and art practice.

Communities Served (and geographical area where work is focused): Fuego Director Mitch Berg has partnered with a local non-profit, Best Chance, which helps formerly incarcerated men lead productive and rewarding lives.

Fuego Artspace is located in Albuquerque's South Valley (749 la vega dr sw).

Overview of Work and Connection to the Foundation’s Priority Areas:

Fuego Art Space’s work aligns with McCune’s Building Links Between Arts and Community Engagement priority area.

In partnership with Best Chance, one person has been selected for an initial three part-pilot apprentice program. Part one is a paid part-time position to assist in the construction, maintenance, and support of the Fuego Artspace Mission. Part two of the apprentice program consists of mentoring participants in a variety of industrial art practices for the creation of mixed-media sculpture including learning welding, woodwork, glass fabrication in a kiln, ceramics and assembly techniques to create a finished sculpture. Part three is open studio time to apply learned skills and creative inspiration to create new work and experiment in art-making processes.

At the conclusion of this twelve-week program, the apprentice will have a one-person art show at the SINC shop in the new El Paso plaza.

In addition to Best Chance, Fuego Artspace is seeking to partner with the talented, young people at La Plazita.

Fuego Apprentice

New Developments:

After receiving a McCune grant earlier this year, which helped the one-year-old Fuego Artspace complete phase one of its construction project and apprentice program, a donor from Scottsdale, AZ was inspired to make a substantial donation of $40,000 to further the completion of phase two and support additional apprentice scholarships. Fuego Artspace is now able to complete the construction of two-four rental studios, equipment rental, and mentorship in art making, promotion, and personal development.

Fuego Artspace continues to seek funding for phase three of the school which includes the remodeling of a derelict building on the property into a presentation gallery, a bathroom and kitchen for the school, and a stage for community performances. Fuego Artspace hopes to be a hub for community gathering and collaborative art sharing.