Grant Recipients

Friends of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks seeks to enrich our community and diverse
cultures through advocacy, conservation and restoration of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks
National Monument as a premier example of America’s National Conservation

Friends of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks is committed to the protection and restoration
of the ecological, natural, cultural and historic resources of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks
National Monument and National Conservation Lands. Our work will ensure the protection of
the resources and responsible access regardless of wealth, privilege or social standing.

The Friends of Organ Mountains Desert Peaks work to protect and restore our National
Monuments to ensure the cultural, historical and biological resources are protected for future
generations. We connect communities to these majestic New Mexico lands, understanding that
we are stronger when we come together. Our on the ground programs improve the quality of life local residents and visitors to our National Monuments through trail maintenance, illegal
dumping cleanup, artist in residence program, k-12 and community education. We are proud to
partner with diverse groups as a member of the Next 100 coalition and with other local, state,
and national organizations.

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